👋 Hello! I'm Seth

I'm a software engineer living in Wichita, KS.

Current status

Things I care about

  • Finding simple solutions to interesting problems
  • Fostering empathetic and collaborative environments
  • Leaving the world better than I found it

Things I enjoy

  • Spending time with family, friends, and community
  • Learning things, and sharing that knowledge
  • Building things, ideally with other people
  • Music, games, food & drink, you know, the usual stuff

Things I've done

  • 2012: Started working full time in software
  • 2012: Started devICT, Wichita's dev community
  • 2012: Helped organize Wichita Startup Weekend events
  • 2014: Started Open Wichita, a Code For America brigade
  • 2015: Joined OpenGov Foundation to innovate in the US Congress
  • 2017: Shut down Open Wichita to focus on family and work
  • 2018: Joined Ad Hoc to work on healthcare.gov
  • 2022: Came back to the private sector to work at Zapier